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meet our therapists

Hi! My name is Sandon and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor. In addition to my years of experience as a clinical counselor, I have been a coach and employed in both the public (government) and private sectors. I bring a wide range of experience that is complemented by a master's degree in Counselling Psychology. I believe that we all experience discomfort in our life. It can be physical, mental or emotional but it is all connected. Feeling down, stuck, angry, hurt or sad is a part of being human but it doesn't meant we cannot do something about it. Injuries are a normal part of life. Some are caused by us and some are caused by others, some are physical and some are emotional, some heal quickly while others seem to never go away but there are things we can do to help or hurt the healing process. Using a variety of techniques, we can work together to develop a recovery plan that works for you.