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Talkcircle allows you to connect and have therapy sessions
with a licensed therapist in your native language or
the language of your preference.

What is online therapy?

How can Talkcircle improve my life?

What’s the difference between video & text therapy?

What is the purpose of the questionnaire?

What happens with the results of the questionnaire?

Does Talkcircle have an age restriction?

When will somebody respond to me?

How do I sign up?

Is Talkcircle anonymous?

How do I contact Talkcircle directly?

How do I choose a therapist who is right for me?

How long will therapy last?

What if I want to stop therapy?

What if I’m not happy with my therapist?

Role of the Community Manager

What happens in the chat with the Community Manager?

Do I have to talk to the Community Manager before I can book a session?