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meet our therapists

I am a 26 years old psychotherapist under supervision in Vienna, Austria. I come from an international background - being half English and half Croatian, having grown up in Malaysia and Thailand, and now living in Austria. This has allowed me to develop a strong inter-cultural awareness, which has defined me as a person in terms of the experiences I have made, the friends I have made, the food I enjoy, and the movies/series/books that I watch/read.

I first earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Psychology at Webster University Vienna in 2018. Afterwards, I decided to move on to complete training in psychotherapy at Sigmund Freud University Vienna, where I am currently completing my Master degree. In 2019, I started my specialisation in psychoanalysis, and this year I became a psychotherapist under supervision.

I have always been interested in psychology because the mechanisms of our minds translate to our perception of the world, in that everything we feel, see, and think, as well as the mere awareness of our existence comes from our minds. Psychotherapy (and more specifically, psychoanalysis) became my go-to profession because it allowed me to understand more about myself, i.e. the reason behind patterns in my thoughts and behaviours. This gave me the motivation to guide others to self discovery.