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Ways to Conquer Depression

Do you often find yourself focusing on worst-case scenarios or feeling like things may never get better for you? If so, you aren’t alone.

Many people who suffer from depression often go through negative feelings that are persistently affecting their lives in negative ways.

Here are some simple ways to ease the symptoms of depression:

  1. Write down your feelings. Expressing your thoughts on paper and reflecting on them later gives you a more visual understanding of your thoughts and worries. 
  2. Eliminate stressors. Easier said than done right? Of course, there are some situations in life that we can’t avoid, but if you don’t feel like participating in something that drains you - remove yourself from the situation and take a step back. Sometimes, being selfish is good!
  3. Make time for yourself. Our physical health and mental health are closely related. What happens when we are anxious and unhappy? We experience sleepless nights, gut issues, ruminating thoughts, and random body aches. Take a day off for yourself. Fancy that restaurant you’ve always wanted to try? Take yourself on a date and go check it out or spend a day relaxing in the bathtub with your favourite music on.
  4. Do one thing that scares you a day. Depression can cause avoidance and push is into a mental fog. Challenging ourselves is a sure way to boost our self-confidence and help us feel brave and positive about ourselves.
  5. Say no. It’s okay to admit when you can’t keep going, whether it’s a career step, or a relationship. Sometimes, backing off and taking a stand for ourselves is the only way we can progress in life. Don’t live on someone else’s terms and embrace your unique journey.

Doing these small steps on your own can help pull you out of depression and allow you to feel more hopeful. Show up for YOUR self- and remember, you aren’t alone. Find the nearest mental health practitioner to you to discuss how your symptoms, or engage in a more convenient and affordable therapy with